viernes, 2 de noviembre de 2012

ExpoDefensa III Bogotá, days 2 & 3

Our second and third days in Expodefensa were very busy. Delegations and representatives of almost all Colombian Armed Forces divisions visited our stand and were thrilled by our products. We met very interesting and nice people and made a lot of friends.

Our time here was really well spent and we want to thank all the folks at Expodefensa, Kallman Worldwide Inc., and all the people we met for a wonderful show. We are sure big friendships and business is underway.

And we'll definitely be back in 2014.

Part of the Deployed Logix team
There was a lot of interest from high ranking military officers for DLX products
JJ Urhausen and Paul Silva

Lady officers very pleased after inspecting the new DLX-Xpress Shelter

Colombian Air Force personnel inspecting the DLX-Xpress Shelter

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