miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

The new DLXpress PowerKit 700

 Let us introduce our most succesful product yet: The new DLXpress Shelter w/ PowerLogix 700 Kit.

By combining our field power and lighting kit with our rapid-deployment shelter, DLX has created a system that can deploy shelter, lighting and power in under 10 minutes. Included is our DLX Xpress shelter, made with the latest techinology by HDT Global, and everything that comes in the PowerCase kit, all securely packaged in a single hardcase. 
This Rapid Tactical Deployment Shelter and Sustained Power: Great for Fire REHAB Shelter, Tactical DECON, Incident Command, Comms, Crime Scene Investigation, Animal Shelter, Flu Vaccination, etc.
Please, let us know what you intend to use it for, so we can help you with your exact necessities.
The DLXpress shelter Features a 90 second deployment time, 55mph wind resistance, and robust and durable construction. There’s no better choice than an Xpress shelter when time and functionality are critical factors.
Our kits include everything your team will need to provide short-term emergency power for First-on-site personnel, as well as sustained solar power for longer stay environments.

  • Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries that will not leak, vent fumes, and are DOT and UN approved to be transportable by air (unlike large lithium and Lead Acid batteries). 
  • High-efficiency inverters. Run everything from multiple laptops to essential communications equipment to flat screen TVs (up to 400 watts). 
  • Mono-Crystalline solar panels. They have the highest wattage per square foot and perform better under a wider range of light and temperature conditions than more common panels. you’ll always have reliable and powerful recharging capability.
  • Chainable LED lights. They use only 3W each, and provide almost 10x as much light per watt as incandescent bulbs.  
  • Rugged, stackable DLX hardcases with custom-cut foam. Cases are dust & waterproof (up to 5m).
You can find more information for the DLXpress, and shop it now online at: www.shopdlx.com

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