martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Training the Colombian "Jungla" Special Ops Teams

A DLX instructor talks to a Jungla Team.
DLX has a permanent team in Colombia, assisting various First Response, Health and military teams countrywide in a variety of missions.

In this picture, we see Hernán Zambrano, our Colombian lead instructor based in Bogotá, showing some members of the elite "Jungla" Special Ops team our Expedition Osmotic Hydration Unit.

The Junglas, as they are known locally and internationally, are the most elite team of the Colombian National Police. They are trained in a variety of specialties to deal with crime in some of the most challenging natural scenarios in the world.

DLX is there making their life easier with innovative products such as the DLX Expedition Camelback, which filtrates and purifies water almost instantly from any source.

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